Comparing The Tesla Roadster To The Rimac Nevera

3The more one looks into the news of the car industry, the more apparent the impending promise of electrification becomes. Nowadays, it seems the happiest car owners are those who have made the change over to electric vehicles. This shift is in part to the practicality of electric vehicles and in part to the worldwide dedication to finding alternative methods of powering transportation. With gas prices rising higher as more rebates and tax breaks get issued for electrification, the concept of complete electrification is slowly becoming an eventuality. It seems the last piece of the puzzle is to acquire the needed electricity from a clean and renewable energy source.

The brand that has arguably had the biggest effect on electrification is Tesla. The godfather of all electric brands, Tesla has started a craze that has brought every manufacturer to at least give electrification a chance. It only seems fair that the iconic brand would attempt to make the fastest electric car in the world. But alas, a challenger approaches! Straight out of the Mediterranean, named after a “quick storm of rough wind and lightning” is the electrifying Rimac Nevera. The Nevera has given the concept of the roadster some serious competition, but which one of these cars truly deserves the title of “King of EVs?”

8 A Fraction Of The Price

While the Nevera is projected to cost a whopping 2.4 million dollars, the roadster guarantees a similar experience at a tenth of the price. As it is currently in a pre-order state, Tesla is charging customers $50,000 to reserve one of its Roadsters upon release.

On the other hand, the $2,400,000 Rimac Nevera has a much more secretive and personalized style. Customers are asked to input certain personal information with the promise of a team member reaching out within a few days. What exactly happens once this contact has been made, only time can tell.

7 Neck And Neck

In a 0-60 mph test, the Roadster finishes at 1.9 seconds, an incredible feat for any machine, even Hypercars. This is not a complete surprise as Tesla Models are known for their astounding speed. This disparity between the speeds of EVs and gas-powered cars is mostly accounted for by the fact that electric motors can produce instant torque.

On the other hand, the Rimac Nevera can accelerate to 60 mph in 1.85 seconds. That means, in the world of hypercars, even the likes of Bugatti have some serious competition. Kind of nose-to-nose timing leaves Tesla with a healthy amount of ground to cover.

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6 Tesla’s Got The Range

The Nevera’s battery can last for an impressive 340 miles, but the Roadster’s colossal 620-mile range clearly outshines the “storm.” Even though a 620-mile range seems unreal, Tesla prototypes have been known to go even further, always pushing the limits.

That’s approximately enough range to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco without ever stopping for gas for the Rimac, while the Roadster can drive from Paris all the way to London and back in a single trip.

5 Inconsistent Horsepower

The Nevera boasts 1,914 hp, however, it is hard to believe as the Roadster, which performs at a comparable pace, is projected to only have a maximum of 1000 hp. The one area of ​​mystery is the weight of either vehicle, as neither manufacturer has yet provided weights for their vehicles.

If the Nevera happens to weigh almost twice the amount of the roadster, it could explain why a car that sports almost twice the horsepower would only beat the roadster by .05 seconds in a 0-60 mph test. This will lean one way or the other, either the Rimac sports a few fewer ponies than thought, or the projections grossly underestimate the Roadster’s capabilities.

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4 Design

The Nevera’s aggressive design gives it the quintessential supercar look, while the Roadster looks like a Tesla first, and a sports car second. The extremely rounded and slightly amorphous exterior of the Tesla, while evocative of future nostalgia and cutting-edge technology, never really appears to leave the valley of the uncanny.

It sort of always looks out of place on any street, but perhaps, as more cars begin to adapt to this style, the norm will shift in the favor of the Roadster.

3 Roadster Has The Better Interior

With ample seating for four and the signature large Tesla infotainment capabilities, the Roadster’s interior is miles ahead of the Nevera’s. While beautiful, the Nevera’s dashboard and seating feel slightly bare-bones and performance-oriented as many super and hypercar interiors tend to be.

The Tesla consistently delivers simple yet optimized interiors for every model it releases into the market. Simply sit behind the wheel of a Tesla and every niche you can think of has been tended to and cared for before you know you need it.

2 The Power Of SpaceX

Though the base Roadster fails to best the Nevera in a straight race, the mysterious SpaceX package could launch the Tesla vehicle to 60mph in only 1.1 seconds, using actual space-grade cold gas thrusters.

Of course, the SpaceX package is still a long way from any kind of homologation, as it is entirely too new and highly volatile system for such a quick release. So it seems, for now, the Nevera stays at the forefront of speed and performance.

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1 Promises, Promises

Though both cars are highly anticipated, customers will have to wait before they can get their hands on these electric supercars due to production delays.

Especially with the Roadster’s incredibly brave goals of strapping literal rocket thrusters to the sides of the vehicle, it seems that people have to wait just a bit longer to drive either car.

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