Candidate’s View: Ellison’s anti-energy views hurt Minnesotans – Duluth News Tribune

At a time when gas and energy prices are at all-time highs, it should be recalled that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has a lengthy record of supporting policies that cause financial pain for Minnesotans.

During an interview with Minnesota Public Radio in 2015, Ellison was asked about his view of the gas tax. Without hesitation, Ellison responded, β€œIn my opinion, I, Keith Ellison, you know, me, I just think we need to raise it.”

Apparently, if Ellison had his way, Minnesotans would be paying even more to drive to work and to drop their children off at school. As more is spent on gas, less money is available in family budgets for groceries, household costs, and other priorities. With gas at around $5 a gallon, Ellison’s approach to raising the gas tax would simply cripple hardworking Minnesotans who are already struggling to meet the needs of their families.

To make matters worse, Ellison also has been hostile to domestic energy production. He has filed lawsuits on behalf of the state against domestic energy companies, part of what seems to be a nationally coordinated effort by Democratic attorneys general who share an extreme anti-domestic energy ideology.

In New York, a lawsuit filed by the Democratic state attorney general was rejected by the New York Supreme Court β€” yet taxpayers still had to pick up the tab for the attorney general’s actions. Minnesotans need only look to the Empire State to understand what the future may have in store for them and their hard-earned tax dollars. We as taxpayers shouldn’t be used as a wasteful piggy bank for Ellison’s radical left-wing ideological crusades.

Unfortunately, Ellison’s actions are no surprise given his long record of opposition to the environmentally safe form of energy transport: pipelines. As a member of Congress, Ellison voted against a bipartisan bill authorizing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. In Minnesota, we have seen the economic and environmental benefits of the Line 3 Replacement Project, bringing in thousands of construction jobs and injecting millions of dollars into the growth of local Minnesota communities while safely transporting oil across the state.

Would Ellison’s preference be for oil to travel on trains or trucks? Or would he prefer our state and nation be dependent on oil from foreign countries whose leaders are odious human-rights violators and treat their citizens barbarically?

During his time in Congress, Ellison’s extremism had limited impact on Minnesotans, as he was one of 435 members of the US House of Representatives. Unfortunately, as our state’s attorney general, Ellison has a direct impact on the lives of Minnesotans, and we can no longer afford to pay for his radical left-wing agenda.

As the Republican-endorsed candidate for a Minnesota attorney general, I can assure you I would end the hostility toward energy production and work collaboratively with all to ensure our state’s environmental safeguards are being followed. We can be good stewards of our environment while also making sure we aren’t raising the cost of energy for Minnesota families. Our current attorney general lacks this balanced approach, and our state is in desperate need of a new direction.

I ask for your vote on Aug. 9 in the Republican primary so I can face off against Keith Ellison on Election Day in November. With your support, we can defeat him and put an end, once and for all, to the misery he is inflicting upon Minnesota families.

Jim Schultz of Minnetonka, Minnesota, is the Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota attorney general. There are three Republican candidates and two DFLers, setting up primary elections for both parties. The primary is Aug. 9; early voting is already underway.

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