Apex Legends Reddit community reacts about the problems of pre-made duos

It appears that the matchmaking in Apex Legends and Respawn can’t seem to catch a break. The mechanic has been an absolute nightmare all season long, as fans have grown frustrated with it.

The system has seen no improvement, and players have now raised problems with other aspects as well. Several are livid at being put in against the duos and will even prefer sticking to other solo queuers.

Apex Legends has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. The title has grown its player base massively. Unfortunately, the current season has seen lobbies mixed with players of different skill levels. As a result, it has been a forgettable experience. However, there are plenty of other problems to address.

Apex Legends Reddit community describes the difficulties of putting up with duos

u/Kevcon555 posted their experience of being paired up with a premade duo. The user claimed how they were falsely blamed for the mistakes. To make matters worse, the duo did not attempt to revive them using their banner. Such is the frustration that the user wants solo queuers to be put up with each other.

Other users also shared their experiences on the topic, with one player narrating how they were instructed to drop separately. This makes little sense as Apex Legends should be played as a group.

Another player shared an even worse experience featuring those who decide to play alone in ranked. They get frustrated even if they are revived, which is poor mentality as ranked is the game’s competitive mode.

For some, competing alone is a thankless job, with one person citing their miserable outings in the solo queue.

One player recalled how they were left to die in the game by a premade duo so that they could steal armor and weapons.

Another player voiced how they relinquish the game upon being matched with a premade duo, and they’d rather play separately on the map.

Another user added that the duos in Apex Legends see the third one as incompetent. This creates an air of distrust and lack of cooperation.

One player also added that duos usually communicate between themselves and refrain from using the ping system or other modes of communication.

Several users complained about the problems they faced in ranked when they teamed up with a duo. While this issue might be outside Respawn’s purview, better cooperation will do both groups a world of good and help them win more matches.

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