Winning At Home: Kids and communication

A few months ago, I mentioned a book I’ve been working on that I’m excited about. Along with some of the counselors, coaches and pastors who work with me at Winning At Home, I’ve been writing for Salem Books. We just finished up the final stages of the editing process on “Winning at Home: Tackling the Topics that Confuse Kids and Scare Parents.”

It will be released on Sept. 13. We believe it will be a helpful tool that will allow parents or grandparents to read the entire book or to jump straight to the topic that addresses a current need or circumstance, making it a valuable resource for raising children ranging from school aged all the way into early adulthood.

We have chapters that address mental health, parenting in a hypersexualized world, technology, sexuality and gender, launching kids into adulthood and a number of other topics.

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