EPA seeks comment on cleanup plan for former Petoskey Manufacturing Co.

PETOSKEY — The US Environmental Protection Agency is seeking comments from locals about the proposed cleanup plan at the former Petoskey Manufacturing Co.

The plot at 200 W. Lake St. is considered a superfund site, which means contaminants have been identified and the EPA has designated the site as a priority for cleanup.

Petoskey Manufacturing Co. was a die casting plant in the 1940s and a painting operation from the mid-to-late 1960s. It was designated as a superfund site in 1983.

Used solvents and paint sludge were disposed of on the ground outside the building, contaminating the soil and groundwater with trichloroethylene, an industrial solvent often used for degreasing machinery.

Some of the contaminated water reached the Ingalls Shore Municipal Well, which the city has since replaced with a clean well.

Petoskey Manufacturing closed in 2001 and the site was revamped into Water Street Condominiums, where residents have been made aware of the site contamination.

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