Blizzard Hiring Global Communications Manager with Crisis Management Experience

A job listing for a public relations position at Blizzard comes at a time when the company is facing major backlash partly due to Diablo Immortal.

A recent job listing for developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment shows that the company is seeking to hire a skilled public relations manager to assist in a number of tasks. Blizzard appears to be searching for a candidate with crisis-management experience during a time when the company is facing continued public relations issues.

Blizzard Entertainment is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard and has been behind some of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry. Its Warcraft series of real-time strategy games which began in the 1990s led to World of Warcraft, the massively popular MMORPG that has held a firm grip on the genre since its inception. Blizzard is also responsible for the StarCraft real-time strategy games which boast an immense esports community. Blizzard’s Diablo franchise of action RPGs is also one of its most iconic franchises, although the latest entry, Diablo Immortalhas been the source of much recent controversy.


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The job listing is aimed at hiring a Global Communications Manager who will be responsible for many public relations issues. The qualifications ask for a candidate with at least eight to 10 years of experience in game PR who will develop public relations strategies, counsel internal stakeholders, form strategic relationships with influencers, and write press materials. Particularly of note are the requirements that the candidate has experience with crisis communications and crisis management, with the ability to provide insight on how gameplay will impact global audiences. As Blizzard is facing waves of criticism due to Diablo Immortal‘s predatory monetization, crisis management is understandably a priority.

Diablo Immortal was a highly anticipated addition to the Diablo franchise, particularly due to its free-to-play model and availability on both mobile devices and PC. Unfortunately, the free-to-play model adopted some of the worst aspects of mobile gaming, with incessant demands for players to pay up in order to stand a chance in player-versus-player content. The monetary investment required to obtain the most powerful items is incredibly steep, with streamers spending thousands of dollars on Diablo Immortal‘s cash shop. The game was also barred from releasing in the Netherlands and Belgium due to violating those nations’ gambling laws.

This is coming after last year’s controversy surrounding sexual harassment complaints at Activision Blizzard which led to lawsuits and public backlash. As Blizzard Entertainment faces the gaming community’s enmity yet again, the need for a gifted public relations manager is obvious. However, it will likely take more than influencers and advertisements to undo the damage as players will expect meaningful change to back up any sort of public relations campaign.

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