Andhra Pradesh: Schools, colleges told to comply with electrical safety norms

Officials of the Directorate of Electrical Safety have appealed to the managements of schools and colleges to abide by safety norms to prevent electric shocks and fire mishaps.

With the schools all set to reopen after the summer vacations on July 5, and with junior colleges commencing classes from July 1, Director of Electrical Safety G. Vijaya Lakshmi directed the managements to conduct a safety audit of all cables and connections to ensure the safety of students.

“Most fire mishaps occur due to human negligence. If the electric wiring, switches and joints are checked from time to time, and damaged and worn-out material are promptly replaced, electric shocks and mishaps can be prevented,” the Director said.

Safety campaign

As part of the National Electrical Safety Campaign, which is being observed from June 26 to July 2, awareness is being created among the public, industries, educational institutions, shops, establishments and residents on the safe use of electricity.

“The theme of the National Electrical Safety Campaign-2022 is ‘Avoid Loose Wires — Prevent Electrical Fires'”. As per the Electricity Act, 2003, electrical inspectors are the ‘safety custodians’ of both State and Central sectors and their duty is to safeguard the public from electrical hazards, loss of life and property,” Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi told The Hindu on saturday.

In schools and colleges, managements are requested to fence the transformers and main boards, located in and around the premises, and arrange caution boards to prevent children from entering the areas where they might suffer electric shock.

All the private, aided and government schools and colleges in the State are requested to follow electric safety norms, she said.

Periodic examinations

Electric wiring, joints and switchboards should be checked and the poles located in the ground should be insulated properly to avoid electric shocks. All the cables and junctions should be checked by electrical inspectors or certified electricians, the Director said.

“If too many devices are plugged into a circuit, the current will heat the wires to a high temperature, and lead to sparks and cause fire. Use standard and good quality equipment and avoid connecting more devices to a socket to prevent melting of cables and plugs which may cause flames,” the Director said.

In hostels and dormitories, safety norms should be stringently followed to prevent electric shocks and fire mishaps. Parents are requested to insist on maintaining electric safety in schools and colleges and follow all safety precautions in the classrooms and hostels.

Awareness programs should be conducted regularly for students and staff to prevent leakages and electric shock, and how to rescue victims and give them first aid in case of electric shock. Evacuation plans should be arranged at different locations in the building to vacate the structure quickly in case of fire, Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi said.


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