Pokemon Go Niantic Campfire Communication App

There have been rumors circling these past few weeks about a new communication app coming from Niantic, and today the company has given us the official information about the new app called Campfire.

This new app is said to help the Niantic community get better communication between players, and it would help them to schedule meetups, events, Raids (in Pokemon Go), and create new friendships across platforms.

Campfire, the upcoming social app has been in a phase with Ingress, the communication app will be to other Niantic games, where the company will be released soon and more tests on how the app behaves, and what needs to be repaired and what needs to be changed. First, it will begin with select groups of Trainers (Pokemon Go), and for the rest of the world, there will be more information coming in the next few months.

As described by Niantic, when you first open Campfire, you will see a map of your area which will show game experiences and activities from players that are nearby. In the upper right corner, there will be boxes that will indicate other games (if you play other Niantic games). You will be able to switch between your game channels or game-specific map views.

Here are the key features of Campfire that were listed by Niantic:

  • Nearby Communities: Easily find other players by checking out local communities around you. Open the discover page in your Communities tab to join new communities, coordinate events, and meet new players. For now, there will be a limited selection of communities available and more will be added over time.
  • Niantic Friends: Easily add and manage your friends across all Niantic titles.
  • Direct & Group Messaging: Organize all your chats with friends in one place. With Direct and Group messaging you can instantly share gyms/raids, drop your live location, post photos, and chat with your friends across any Niantic game. Sharing your location through messaging is optional and can last up to one hour, before turning off automatically.
  • Real-World Activities: Join and share official Community events, keep track of meetups with reminders, and easily invite your friends to play! Scroll around the map to discover and share content, coordinate at any gym or raid, and connect with your nearby communities.

By seeing the map of your location, it will be easier for you to further explore the areas, and see who is playing what and where. Plus, you might find places you have never seen before. And if you like, you can do that with a friend or a group of friends.

In the “mode” for Pokemon Go, Trainers will be given the chance to share Raid locations with their friends in a private message or a group message. There will be another feature for Trainers called “Flare” and it is described by Niantic as a call-to-action to other Trainers.

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