These Are The Cheapest Electric Cars Of 2022

The automotive world is rapidly moving towards an electrified future. Given the stringent emissions regulations being implemented by governments around the world, both for CO2 and NOx, developing new-fuel-powered cars is becoming new-fuel-powered cars less and less viable. A large proportion of manufacturers have already announced a phased culling of combustion engine production within their lineups as a response.

All of this action, does however leave buyers in a bit of a predicament when selecting which car to replace their outgoing models. This is especially true given electric cars attract a premium over their fossil-fueled counterparts. Do they simply replace like for like, opting for another combustion-engined car, or do they take the plunge and opt for an EV? Thankfully, the range of cheaper electric vehicles is now increasing, and there are some great options out there. Here are the cheapest electric cars of 2022.

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9 Peugeot e-208 ($36,515.52)

The Peugeot e-208 is a smartly styled car, which should appeal to a range of buyers. The e-208 looks just like a regular hatchback, and therefore potential owners can easily see how the car could become a replacement for their current models.

The official range as stated by Peugeot is a decent 225 miles. This range is thanks to the car’s 50 kWh battery, and rapid charging comes as standard. Utilizing a 100 kW charger, the car will charge from 10-80% in 27 minutes.

8 Honda E ($34,000)

The quirky Honda E is a retro-inspired electric supermini and will be the brand’s first fully electric vehicle. The car can seat four adults, despite its compact size.

The entry-level model will have a power output of 136 hp, while a more expensive 154-hp version can also be chosen. The car will travel from 0-60 mph in 8.3 seconds, which is decent enough, but maybe a little disappointing given the rapid performance we have come to expect from an EV. The car’s 137-mile range is also relatively constrained by modern standards.

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Hyundai Kona Electric ($34,000)

The Hyundai Kona Electric is a fairly stylish crossover and has a decent range to boot. The base model is fitted with a 39 kWh battery which provides the car with a 189-mile range. Opt for the pricier 64 kWh version, and this increases to an excellent 300-mile range, bordering on the real-world range of some superminis.

Both battery options are capable of fast charging, and this significantly improves the viability of the entry-level model. The car can charge from 10-80% in just 48 minutes using a 50 kW charger.

7 Mini Electric ($30,750)

The compact and retro-inspired Mini was updated in 2021. The car received an improved infotainment system and an increased number of personalization options became available. The car is decently rapid, with a 0-60 mph time of around 7 seconds.

The Mini comes fitted with a 32.6kWh battery, which provides a disappointing 140-mile range. Fortunately, 50 kW rapid charging can significantly top the battery back up to around 80% in an hour.

6 Nissan Leaf ($27,400)

One of the original compact EVs, the Nissan Leaf is now in its 2nd generation and has recently been facelifted. In its largest capacity specification, the Leaf has a reasonable 200-mile range. This should get many people buy for their regular, habitual driving.

The cheapest model is known as the Leaf S and comes fitted with a 147-hp electric motor and a 40.0 kWh battery pack. The Leaf will waft comfortably to 60 mph in around 7.4 seconds.

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5 Vauxhall/ Opel Corsa-e ($26362.09)

The Vauxhall/ Opel, depending on where in the world you are, Corsa-e is another traditional-looking hatchback providing an all-electric powertrain. Despite being a small vehicle, the car’s five-door configuration makes this a very practical option.

Powering the Corsa-e, is a 136-hp electric motor. The car can go from 0-60 in around 8 seconds, before continuing on to a slightly disappointing 93 mph top speed. A 50 kWh battery provides a 222-mile range, which should satisfy most buyers.

4 Renault Zoe ($26,000)

The Renault Zoe, just like the Nissan Leaf, was one of the original electric cars, especially in the supermini segment. The model has significantly advanced since the original version and now offers up to 245 miles of range. Providing the energy for this is a 52 kWh battery.

The entry-level motor is named the “R110” and produces 108 hp. Disappointingly, 0-60 takes around 11 seconds, which leaves a little to be desired.

3 Smart EQ ForTwo/ ForFour ($25,767.00)

One of the most notable and easily identifiable city cars around is the Smart car. Available in both two and four-seat configurations as the names suggest, an electric powertrain complements the vehicles. In fact, Smart cars have been available only in electric form since 2020.

Overall, there are better options out there, as the range and performance are relatively poor. The ForFour has just 81 miles of range and a 12-second 0-60 mph time, while the smaller ForTwo fares no better with just a 2-mile improvement in range. The only real reason to opt for these Smart EQ models is if you fancy a compact convertible, as the ForTwo can be specified with a convertible roof.

2 Seat Mii Electric ($23,914.23)

The compact Seat Mii is the second most affordable option on our list. The car sports a very basic but practical boxy body style, ensuring not one ounce of space is wasted.

The car is fitted with a 36.8 kWh battery, which means it has a relatively acceptable 160-mile range. In truth, we would have loved more, but the Mii does remain a very good value option and will suit many usage patterns.

1 Fiat 500 Electric ($16,311.74)

The cheapest option on our list is the now all-electric Fiat 500. The ever-popular city car has enjoyed massive sales success since its 2007 release. Fortunately, the electric powertrain suits the car arguably better than its petrol predecessor.

The base model comes with a relatively small 24 kWh battery, which powers a 93 hp electric motor. The range on this model is just 115 hp, but given this is the cheapest option on our list, can be slightly forgiven. For those who desire, and can afford it, larger battery options are available which increase the range to around 200 miles.

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