What We Know About Toyota’s Electric Tacoma Pickup Truck

A decade ago, if you asked us about the likelihood of an electrified pickup truck, we would have told you that it was not likely to happen. Back then, the prospect of having an electric truck roaming the streets didn’t just seem far-fetched and out of reach back. It seemed downright impossible. Fast-forward to today, the industry has welcomed a fleet of vehicles in the electric truck sector, from the return of the Hammer, Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck, and Ford’s F150 Lightning.

With all the buzz surrounding this new electric segment, or Niche, if you may, various brands are working tirelessly to create the next golden product. One of them is Toyotaa major automaker that confirmed its plans for the electric truck market and introduces its flagship truck, the Toyota Tacoma, in a new light.

The Standard Toyota Tacoma is currently in its third generation, and holds the top spot in the mid-size truck segment, with an incredible 42 percent market share last year. This goes further to highlight On the EV side, Chevrolet and Ford have both confirmed they are working on electric versions of the Silverado and F-150. In this context, an electric version of the Tacoma makes sense.

After debuting a fully-fledged concept last year, Toyota is hoping on adding an electrified powertrain to its next-generation Tacoma pickup. Toyota’s truck is expected to hit the market a year or two following its gas-propelled counterparts. Toyota did a great job of withholding information about the upcoming EV, likely to build the anticipation even more. But, in its recent event, the brand may have leaked a little or two about the electric Tacoma.

Here’s a sneak peek into the upcoming electric Toyota Tacoma.

The Electric Toyota Tacoma Shares Its Design With Its Mid-Size Truck Lineage

Based on the images shared by Toyota, the EV truck seems to be taking a more modest size, sitting between a full-size rig and a mid-size gas Tacoma. To give us a clearer picture of the truck’s size, the brand used a small SUV for comparison. So, all in all, it’s large, but not by much, at least not like a Ford F-150 or a Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

The upcoming 2024 Tacoma electric vehicle will likely share its exterior and interior, in terms of styling and features, with the next-generation Toyota Tacoma, which is already in the works and will debut for the 2023 model year. At the front, it features a tundra-inspired front end, particularly the headlights, which are sharp and come with vertical extensions, and the horizontal LED fog light bars.

In spite of the shared features, Toyota will throw in some extra design cues to differentiate its new Tacoma EV in a flashy, sophisticated style from any other trucks in production. To widen the difference gap, the new EV will come with new features, such as a closed grille and distinctive wheels, as well as a digitalized gauge cluster and electric vehicle-specific screens in the central infotainment system. It is possible that Toyota’s electric Tacoma could be priced at a highly competitive $50,000.

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Engine, Driving Range, And Performance Of The Electric Toyota Pickup

At the moment, we’re unsure about how Toyota will integrate an electric motor into the structure of its new truck. Regardless, we’re looking forward to a couple of possibilities. One possibility is that the company may have trailed Ford’s stride with the F-150 Lightning concept truck, a vehicle that, like the Tacoma, shares most of its body panels with its gas-powered siblings.

Toyota is yet to reveal details about the specifications of this model. The 2024 Tacoma Electric is expected to be available in a four-door crew-cab configuration. The Toyota truck is expected to offer a driving range that starts from 200 miles. We also assume a towing capability that will be similar to or greater than gas-powered vehicles.

The EV will deliver a good off-road drive, thanks to its huge off-road tires, a new rear suspension system, and a lot of ground clearance, among other things.

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When Will The Electric Toyota Truck Be Released?

Toyota’s decades of auto manufacturing are unquestionable. The brand has brought significant improvements to electric vehicles on the road and has invested a lot of time and money in the research and development of the electric version of Tacoma to ensure that the new car is as comfortable, safe, and functional as possible. The electric Tacoma is set to achieve a good performance while it supports the go green initiative.

And it doesn’t stop there. Toyota also announced plans to launch 15 new purely electric vehicles by 2025, and up to 30 units by 2030. So, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to.

Although, at this point, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact release date of the electric Tacoma, or what the final production version will look like. Though, judging from the images, it does look production-ready. So, it might come sooner than you think. We’ll keep you updated.

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