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Everyone who lives in Phoenix knows the importance of quality air conditioning. Without it the sweltering summer months would be unbearable. Unfortunately, sometimes with no explanation, the A/C goes out and when that happens Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical is there to save the day.

Starting as an HVAC company before adding plumbing and electrical units, Penguin is one of the only full-service home service companies in the Phoenix Valley and they work around the clock to ensure homeowners are happy and comfortable, all year long.

Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical was founded by two Phoenix natives, Wade Rusk and Will Hallett, who wanted to leave a positive mark on the community they came from.

Rusk first started his career working in refrigeration and HVAC in the Marine Corps. From there he founded Rusk Refrigeration, which he would later sell to get a break from the stress and responsibility of running a company. He could only stay away for so long, however, and after a few years out of the game, he returned to the HVAC industry which is where he met Hallett.

Hallett has been in the industry since his college days at Arizona State where he took a summer job in heating and air. In the years following Hallett managed teams across different home service companies in Phoenix, before eventually meeting Rusk. After meeting and becoming close friends, they decided to combine their knowledge of the industry and pursue their dream, so they founded Penguin Air in 2011.

“After about three and a half years, they introduced plumbing to the business and that allowed us to grow really substantially as well and then a few years after that we added in electrical. So now, we’re one of the only full-service home service companies in the Valley… which is awesome,” Penguin’s Marketing Manager, Tracy Valgentosaid.

Penguin’s mission statement: “To ensure all customers and team members WIN every day,” which is something the founders place of great importance on, being locals.

“Something really important to us is that our leadership team is almost entirely folks that are born and bred in Arizona. Both of our founders grew up in the Phoenix Valley, one on the east side, and one on the west side. So, we have a very deep understanding and connection to the community,” Valgento said.

One way Penguin helps its customers, and neighbors, to win is through their full offering of services with expert technicians in each field. Penguin started out as a heating and air company, so it has some of the finest technicians in the Valley working in that field. They also made it a priority to hire the best of the best as they continually expand their plumbing and electrical departments. Valgento said that Penguin’s plumbing department has grown 30% year after year.

“If there is a crossover on a job…We’re going to send out different technicians that are both individual experts in their fields. That’s something that’s really important to us, is making sure…we’re sending someone who is as much of an expert as possible to provide as high quality of a job as possible to fix your problem,” Valgento said.

“And that translates not just into how we respond in the field but also to business operations as well. We have a dedicated HVAC manager, we have a dedicated plumbing manager, they have their separate departments that operate on their own,” she added.

Penguin also differentiates itself with its Penguin Plan, a self-described “Ultimate Home Maintenance Membership” in Phoenix.

“For $20 a month, folks get access to our VIP services, which includes four annual maintenance inspections…one for summer one for winter, heating and cooling. Then, a plumbing and electrical safety inspection each year, including a water heater flush and then folks who are members of that program automatically get free service calls, a 20% discount, 10% off on installation of new equipment, and priority service,” Valgento said.

So, for just $240 annually Penguin will make sure all your home service needs are met. Penguin also works around the clock with a 24/7 emergency line, so no need to worry if your A/C goes out at 1 am, Penguin will be there to help.

Penguin’s high-quality service and customer-centric mentality has translated into rapid growth as it’s become one of the top home service companies in the Valley in just over 10 years. At Penguin they prioritize the customer’s experience and that has led to more and more customers every year.

Penguin prides itself on having glowing reviews from customers, and more positive reviews than any of its competitors. They have also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

“Obviously, we want to be the biggest and the best company, but that means providing the best costs or services, providing the best quality products and making sure our customers feel so happy and so satisfied that they want to tell all their friends and family to choose Penguin,” Valgento said.

Beyond the work for customers Penguin takes great pride in the work it does in the community. They sponsor events at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, help the Boys and Girls Club with its Paul’s Carwash and in late-June Penguin is sponsoring a memorial golf tournament put on by the Desert Ridge High School wrestling team, in honor of a team member who unfortunately passed away from cancer.

They don’t do this stuff for the good press, they do it because they care about the community in which they serve.

“We want to make sure that our community is strong within our organization, but also our connection to folks around us. I think that that’s something that keeps us really grounded,” Valgento said.

Locally owned and operated Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical is a one-stop-shop for home services in the Valley, and one that not only emphasizes the customer but the community them. With expert technicians in each field, 24/7 service and a rewarding membership program, Penguin has become one of the top home services companies in Phoenix and they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.


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