Forest Park approves street sweeper purchase; can’t find cleaner electric model

Forest Park’s village council voted unanimously June 27 to approve the purchase of a new diesel-powered street sweeper after the village couldn’t find a hybrid or electric street sweeper that fell within its budget.

The existing 2009 Elgin Pelican street sweeper was already past its useful life, and Sal Stella, public works director, previously told the council that he didn’t expect it to make it past 2022. The council was originally scheduled to vote on June 13 to authorize the purchase of a new 2022 Elgin Pelican street sweeper, but Commissioner Jessica Voogd requested a two-week delay to give Stella more time to investigate whether the village could buy something more environmentally friendly.

After the director couldn’t find the alternative that would fit within the village budget, the council went ahead and approved the 2022 diesel-powered street sweeper. Voogd said that she was still glad that the village took the time to do a search, since it gave Forest Park a better idea of ​​what’s out there.

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