Why Chantel & Pedro Jimeno’s Communication Issues Are Relatable

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno started The Family Chantel season 4 on a sour note, but fans of the show might find their communication issues relatable.

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno are back for The Family Chantel season 4, but their relationship isn’t in great shape, and communication issues aren’t helping. At the end of season 3, Pedro returned to the Dominican Republic to find his father. During this emotional time, Chantel, her mother Karen Everett and her sister Winter Everett came to the island to support Pedro. However, lingering tensions with his sister Nicole Jimeno overflowed when she visited Karen, Chantel, and Winter’s hotel lobby, and interrupted their conversation with Pedro by screaming and throwing a glass.

As The Family Chantel season 4 got rolling, the emotional hurdles and drama that Pedro faced during the trip significantly impacted his relationship with Chantel. Pedro had a lot to process after he made himself vulnerable in the effort to reconnect with his father, and was only met halfway by his brothers. Then, he became more alienated from his sister and mother, after they went to bat for Chantel, Karen, and Winter. Now that Pedro’s back in Atlanta, he’s thrown himself into his new career as a real estate agent, and is thriving in a new community.


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After so much turmoil, it’s not surprising that Pedro’s co-workers provide a sanctuary for him that neither branch of his family provides. Pedro is working on repairing things with Nicole, but it’s an uphill battle. He told her over the phone, “you couldn’t agree to go find Dad with me.” He added that he thought it was something they would do together. Nicole justifiably argued that their father wasn’t missing, but chose to separate himself from them. While Chantel isn’t responsible for the drama with Nicole, she’s never made a significant effort to get to know Nicole or Lydia, making things harder for Pedro. Even if Chantel isn’t at the heart of his issues, she can’t fully support him if she isn’t open to connecting with his family.

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Pedro explained to Chantel that Nicole wanted her support in the Miss Dominican Republic competition, but he wasn’t ready to give it. He said, “I want to be busy now. I want to keep my mind off that sh**, and I’m gonna do something better for me.” Chantel said it was hard to watch him struggle with his feelings and grow distant. She asked him to open up and communicate what was going on, after explaining that “everything is surface level.” Pedro noted in his interview that he listens, but doesn’t feel he understands where Chantel is coming from. He also believes that Chantel’s feedback is too self-absorbed. Pedro and Chantel also admitted they hadn’t had sex in three months and he was no longer calling her by her pet name, “pinky.” Chantel then burst into tears and walked away.

The reality is that Chantel and Pedro’s communication issues and distance probably seem remarkably familiar to many couples’. Chemistry can’t always be sizzling, and it’s easy to get off course when everyone is busy. After so many seasons of The Family Chantel, the public drama might also be wearing on Pedro. After his father ignored his efforts to contact him, there was added pressure to show up as a man in his household. With so many women and so many responsibilities on the table, Pedro’s tired. During these changes, he’s lost track of how to communicate what he needs from Chantel, and the two big personalities are left clashing.

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