The New 2,000-HP Electric Ford Minivan Is More Supercar Than Van

The Ford SuperVan is a fantastic bit of automotive tradition that thankfully has managed to remain relevant even in the weird times. The original Ford SuperVan was born out of the popularity of Le Mans in the mid-’60s. In 1971 Ford wrapped a Ford Transit body around a Ford GT40 running gear. The result was completely and completely unfettered madness. Now it’s time to meet the newest iteration of the SuperVan – a 2,000-hp electric van with a real chip on its shoulder.

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Is there a new Ford SuperVan?

Instead of cramming an overpowered running gear from a current Ford racing car, Ford Pro took the challenge as a way to look toward the future. Ford Pro – the company’s new commercial operations umbrella organization that includes commercial vehicles, telematics, and servicing – built a fully electric supercar shaped like a minivan.

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