Polestar 5 Launches All Electric 884 Horsepower Powertrain

  • Polestar teases an electric high-performance sedan with 884 hp, 663 lb-ft of torque, known as the Polestar 5.
  • The Swedish company has developed an all-new dual-motor drivetrain to accompany the unique aluminum chassis.
  • Public testing began at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​hill climb stage.

    EV sedans are claiming their spot in the future automotive landscape, and the Polestar 5 is no exception. Following the hybrid Polestar 1 and electric Polestar 2, the Swedish company is prototyping its super-sedan at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​this weekend. With a claimed 884 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque, the dual-motor Polestar 5 sedan rocketed up the hill climb with only the sound of shredding tires behind.

    The Polestar 5 is an important part of the coming lineup. While it’s a high-performance development by nature, the ultimate design philosophy is to make the model mass-producible without any sacrifice in chassis rigidity or power, according to Peter Allen, head of R&D at Polestar UK. The chassis is made from a unique bonded aluminum, a key factor in creating a rigid but compliant sports-car chassis.


    “Its progressive design and advanced engineering set the tone for Polestar’s future,” Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said. “We have great talent on board enabling us to create truly iconic EVs.”

    Just as important is the all-new drivetrain. Developed by the team in Gothenburg, Sweden, the drivetrain features what appears to be a rear-biased, 800-volt dual-electric motor setup. Leaving a fresh set of elevens off the Goodwood start line, the company’s claim that the rear motor will have superior output over the front motor is apparent.

    polestar 5 electric vehicle


    Without its test mule paint job, the Polestar 5 is by all accounts a sleeper. The only giveaway may be its large, matte wheels and meaty tires. Either way, nearly 900 hp puts it in good company with the quickest road-going coupes and supercars, but packaged as an angular four-door sedan.

    The Polestar 5 is set tentatively to release in 2024 but details about pricing have yet to be announced. Taking into account the development costs and desire to keep production costs are reasonable, it’s possible the Polestar 5 could sell for below $100,000. The future is looking electric, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be fun.

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