New Sharjah Government Communication Award Category to Honor ‘Best Environmental Policies and Practices’ in the Arab world

  • Tariq Saeed Allay: “Sound environmental practices ensure the sustainable future of humanity.”

Sharjah: The Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) has called on organizations that have taken urgent action to combat climate change to submit their nominations for a new category in the upcoming 9th edition in September this year. The award for the newly introduced ‘Best Environmental Policies and Practices – Arab World’ category is dedicated to programs that draw on government communication strategies and take concerted action to combat climate change and its impact. Governmental, quasi-governmental or non-governmental organizations that have implemented practical programs for protecting the environment from the adverse effects of climate change and have forged partnerships to ensure the environment and improve quality of life now and for future generations, are invited to submit their applications on or before July 14, 2022.

The award category will evaluate how the submitting entity has adopted environmental concepts based on the environmental laws and policies of their respective countries and how they have shaped political ecology to advocate for sustainability and check environmental migration. The submissions should demonstrate feasible steps that individuals can follow and implement easily.

The programs submitted should also be environmental activism and raise society’s awareness about environmental issues using reliable and modern environmental technologies, renewable energy, and achieving an ecological balance. Furthermore, it should support scientific research that contributes toward finding solutions for environmental problems and their impact, which should be consistent with peoples’ needs.

Commenting on the new award category, HE Tariq Saeed Allay, Director General of SGMB, said: “Sound environmental practices ensure the sustainable future of humanity. Effective processes and policies that govern the environmental sector directly impact peoples’ lives, and countries and institutions must follow this framework to work towards improving the quality of life of their people.”

Allay added: “We are pleased to honor efforts of organizations from across the Arab world that place environmental action high on their agendas and policies, and through their eco-friendly practices give momentum to the future of the green industrial and technological revolution and ensure the With this award, Sharjah seeks to shine a light on practices that create a balance between the rapid technological advancements needed for development and protecting the natural resources that the current and future generations rely on.”

Guidelines for submission
Applications for 9th edition of SGCA categories have to be submitted online through and should include a video not exceeding five minutes that introduces the initiative. This should be accompanied by a word document with the name and logo of the entity, name and a brief of the initiative, date of submission, table of contents, and a foreword. The document should also include details of strategies, goals, and results in line with the submission criteria for the award category and must not exceed 1,000 words.



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