Brompton Electric C Line Explore review

Brompton Electric C Line Explore: Specs

Weight: 32 pounds
Motor: 250-watt hub motor
Battery: 300Wh, 36V (6.4 pounds)
Range: 25-50 miles
charge time: 4 hours
Drivetrain: Brompton Wide-range 6 speed

Brompton’s Electric C Line Explore Folding bike may look familiar to you. That’s because it’s largely the same bike as the H6L — and has largely the same look as every other bike in the company’s history. It has been renamed to indicate important updates — notably, the C Line Electric bike is 2.4 pounds lighter than its predecessor, coming in at 32 pounds.

It’s also got a nifty paint job that makes the Electric C Line Explore an attractive bike to throw a leg over. And like the H6L, it’s super fun to ride, convenient if you want to stow it under your desk at work or behind the couch in your apartment, and just right for short trips around the city. Read the rest of our Brompton Electric C Line Explore review to see if you should make it part of your commute.

Brompton Electric C Line Explore review: Price and availability

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