Umbrella Academy Reveals How Christopher the Cube Speaks

An intriguing clip from Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Season 3 reveals how the most unique member of the Sparrows talks to his siblings.

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is dishing out more details about the lethal Sparrow Academy. Some insight has been provided into certain Sparrows like Marcus, while others members like Sloane remain shrouded in mystery. A recently released sneak peek for Season 3 has only increased fans’ desire to learn more about these dangerous antagonists.

The Sparrow fans have been most curious about is the floating cube known as Christopher. Described as “a psykronium cube of unknown origin,” it’s not clear if the being is alien or mystical. The Season 3 teases have shown he can induce fear or paralysis and even manipulate temperature. While details are still sparse on Christopher, Netflix’s Geeked Week has revealed how he communicates with his siblings.

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A panel with the cast included another Season 3 clip of the Sparrows training. They were sizing up the time-displaced Umbrella Academy and figuring out who to tackle. Marcus insulted Luther’s intelligence, Sloane and Jayme were interested in battling Five and Ben and Fei made fun of Klaus for being afraid of his not fully developed power. During the conversation, fans found out the cube could talk when Christopher chimed in, giving off a warbly whirring sound the other Sparrows were able to understand. It sounded like a mix of Despicable Me’s Minions and Star Wars‘ R2-D2, but it raised more questions about his nature as well.

It may be that Christopher is a robot or somehow bio-organic, similar to how Young Justice: Phantoms placed the consciousness of Danny Chase into one of Apokolips’ Mother Boxes. Taking the same direction in Umbrella Academy would explain why Christopher isn’t just sentient, but treated as a human. Another option is that he could be emanating his sounds but altering the frequency so only his siblings can hear.

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His communication methods might also be part of a planned strategy. Christopher could be speaking this coded language so no one else can pick up on what he’s saying. That would give the Sparrows a major advantage in the upcoming battle — especially since the Umbrella Academy don’t hide their plans that well and aren’t that good when it comes to tactics.

Christopher poses an enticing prospect for The Umbrella Academy viewers because a major theme throughout the show is humanity. By giving him a voice to bond with his siblings, there’s an emotional connection even if he’s not human. Whatever he is, he’s already got fans interested, and his unique way of speaking creates another quirk — and maybe some potential humor — in the new season.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 premieres June 22 on Netflix.

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