Town of Taber wins 11 awards for communication and advertising

The Town of Taber has received 11 different awards for creativity in communication, public relations and advertising. It won three platinum Hermes Creative Awards, administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). Four of the awards were gold and another four were honorable mentions.

This is the most awards Taber has won in one year and the first time getting platinum awards, according to the town.

“The Town’s administrative services department is an excellent team that works hard to communicate our various municipal services,” said Deputy Mayor Joanne Sorensen. “I would like to acknowledge them and our arts, culture, and events coordinator for their many efforts that shine a light on our community on an international stage.”

The town won platinum awards for its new voter election ad in 2021; the fire department lights ablaze poster and the Taber veterans banner project. Six of the awards stemmed from the 2021 election campaign, where the town said it aimed to break down a great deal of information into accessible pieces over the course of an entire year.

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“Our team is dedicated to serving the residents of Taber in everything we do and we are pleased that our everyday work is considered worthy of such accolades,” said Kerry Van Ham, administrative services manager. “I would like to thank my entire team for all that they do to help their colleagues and for their efforts in getting residents the information they need about the Town of Taber.”

Other awards include the town’s women in politics and beyond barriers ads. It also won an award for a 2020 fire department infographic.

The AMCP is an international organization consisting of thousands of marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production and free-lance professionals. The Hermes Creative Awards is one of the oldest and largest creative competitions in the world, and honors the creative industry’s best publications, branding, advertising and design work.

“It is an incredible privilege to work with various town departments to design for and communicate the excellent work they do. Their services and programs are the reason I can find creative ways to communicate their messages,” said Meghan Brennan, communications and projects coordinator. “I am honored that the AMCP sees this work as worthy of commendation and thank all my colleagues for their trust in allowing me to create work that showcases their efforts in an award-worthy way.”

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