ESPN manufacturing of Warriors hot takes seemingly confirmed

Despite the Golden State Warriors being one game away from another NBA championship, ESPN’s Steph Curry hot take machine still needs to keep its engines churning. However, a clip from “NBA Today” on Thursday shows that the machine is running on contrived force.

Blowhard Kendrick Perkins was prompted to give his expectations for Curry’s upcoming Game 6 performance. It was a blunt “absolutely nothing,” a response that caused fellow analyst Richard Jefferson to drop his head to the desk that the on-air cast was sharing outside of TD Garden.

“He’s coming into the Garden, he’s coming into a hostile environment. I know he dropped 43, you know, in Game 4 I believe it was, but it’s not happening tonight, OK?” Perkins said. “Listen, the Boston Celtics are going to come out with a lot of pride. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are going to be on fire. I don’t even expect this game to even be close. Boston is going to win this game in great fashion because listen: You think you were mad when Kyrie Irving stepped on, stomped on Lucky. Just imagine if he’s getting drowned in champagne, OK? That is something you do not want. Boston is winning, Steph Curry has no effect, I don’t expect nothing out of Steph.”

Around the part where Perkins was talking about the two Boston Jays, Jefferson couldn’t help but try to interrupt with his own meta commentary.

“Jeez. You literally don’t believe any of this. You literally told me the complete opposite five minutes ago,” Jefferson said.

So what does Perkins actually believe? And if what he said isn’t what he actually thinks, per Jefferson’s comments, where did he get this take from?

For Warriors fans, this will serve as more evidence that the Worldwide Leader has it out for their team’s golden boy. For some cynical sports fans, this may just seem par for the course since the New Yorker wrote up Ron Jaworski talking to himself to “sell” his excitement for Tyler Palko. Regardless, it might just give more people more reason to not watch anything on that network anymore.

The exception, of course, will likely be when the actual live sports are on, even with its notable flaws. The Warriors will have a chance to win another NBA title on Thursday at 6 pm PT on ABC.

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