America’s true manufacturing innovators under assault by patent trolls

Manufacturing is a key driver contributing to Tennessee’s tremendous economic growth. Across our entire state from urban, suburban and rural areas, it boasts an annual average income that is well over other sectors. It also has one of the largest economic ripple effects with estimates showing for every $1 in wage paid, it produces almost $3 in economic activity.

Is an especially trying time for not just manufacturers in Tennessee but across our entire nation, and we must recognize how integral US manufacturers are still to our economy. In Tennessee, makers of automobiles and parts, food and beverages, chemicals and plastics, appliances, machinery, paper, boats and other products comprise over 16% of the state’s economic output. More than 350,000 Tennesseans have jobs in the manufacturing sector — in rural, suburban and urban areas. As paychecks from these jobs are spent in our communities, manufacturing continuously bolsters indirect economic growth across our state as well.

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